Why I’m Running for NC State Senate

I am running to represent Cumberland County in the state senate because we must build a better future for the next generation. Right now, too many people are being left behind. We must stand up and fight to ensure that everyone has equal access to the opportunities and basic rights they deserve.

As a former city councilman, small business owner, and veteran, I have consistently fought alongside my friends and neighbors to advocate for our community’s needs. I’ve had the honor of serving our country in the U.S. Army and serving Fayetteville as a city councilman. In both positions, I learned firsthand the value of service, of giving back, and of bringing people together to find common solutions. Too often today, our representatives just look out for their partisan or special interests, not the best interests of our entire community.

We deserve jobs and economic opportunities that reach the many instead of the few. We must reverse the decline of our school system which once was the pride of our state and the envy of others. We must fight to protect our drinking water and natural waterways. We must stand as a voice against voter suppression and any kind of unequal treatment based on gender, race, or sexual orientation.

Please join me in the fight for public education, our environment, an economy that works for everyone, and ensuring that the voice of the people is put first.

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