I am honored to serve you as your State Senator.

In 2018 we broke the supermajority and in 2020 with your help we will take the majority in the NC Senate.

Our election in 2020 is about a pursuit for a stronger Cumberland County and North Carolina. Our state must work for everyone on the economic ladder and not just those on the top. Every North Carolinian should have a pathway to their own prosperity in life.

We have work to do. We must have a real conversations around how our state will transform our healthcare, invest in public education (Pre-K, K-12, and Higher Education) grow our workforce, protect our environment, reform our criminal justice system, and ensure our economic opportunities provide jobs that pay a wage that you can support a family and prosper. Good government will happen when we can have real dialogue, and allow everyone’s opinion to be part of the process. This is how democracy should work. It is not working that way now and that is why the 2020 election is so critical for the people of our state.

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Proud to have the endorsement of President Obama in our re-election to the state senate. It is more important now more than ever that we must be the change that we seek for our community and state. – Senator Kirk deViere