I am honored to serve you as your State Senator.

I am fighting for our shared priorities. My focus while serving in Raleigh for two terms has and will always be on the people of Cumberland County. I believe my voting history accurately represents the people of Cumberland County.  Over the last two terms, I have fought to deliver for the people of our state and Cumberland County including passing a bipartisan budget (the first one in 4 years) that gives our teachers and support staff a much-deserved raise and keeps more money in working families pockets; monumental clean energy legislation setting up a path of sustainability; investing in clean water and fighting to hold corporate polluters accountable; achieved historic levels of funding for our HBCU’s such as Fayetteville State; bipartisan justice reform including expanding expungement programs, access to police camera footage for families, drivers license restoration, and sponsored citizen review board legislation; comprehensive relief for families and businesses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic; and the expansion of Medicaid for pregnant mothers and their children and laid the groundwork for further expansion and better access to healthcare.  One of the major highlights of the bi-partisan budget and something I fought passionately for is a state income tax exemption for the military retirement pension. Additionally, Cumberland County saw a historic level of direct funding with over $400 million invested all across our county and which will positively affect the lives of each of our citizens.  

We are at a critical moment. It is clear that people want to see their elected leaders come together to help make their lives better, not engage in a partisan standoff. We have work to do. We must have real conversations around how our state will transform our healthcare, invest in public education (Pre-K, K-12, and Higher Education) grow our workforce, protect our environment, reform our criminal justice system, and ensure our economic opportunities provide jobs that pay a wage that you can support a family and prosper.  Good government happens when we have real dialogue and allow everyone’s opinion to be part of the process. This is how democracy should work and I am committed to it.  

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