What I Will Fight For:

+ Reinvesting in our Public Schools and Teachers

North Carolina schools used to lead the nation, but Raleigh Republicans have allowed funding to dry up. I will give our teachers, children, and school employees the support and respect they deserve. I will support a state budget that boosts education spending, and increases teacher pay to match or exceed the national average so we can recruit and retain the best and brightest.  I will also support investments in our school’s infrastructure and in much needed classroom resources so our teachers are paying for some of them out of their own pockets.

+ Expanding Medicaid to Provide Access to Affordable Healthcare

Rising healthcare costs are keeping too many families behind, which is why I support expanding Medicaid. Everyone deserves access to affordable health care and by expanding Medicaid we can lower insurance rates as well as create jobs and help our rural hospitals. I will work with Governor Cooper to make healthcare more affordable for thousands of North Carolina families.

+ Protecting our Drinking Water and Waterways from Poisons like GenX.

Polluters like Chemours and Duke Energy need to be held responsible for their messes, not the taxpayers. I will work to hold polluters accountable for cleaning up after themselves, and for stronger protections of our drinking water. I will also advocate for the EPA to hold stricter standards for contamination and transparency.

+ Creating an Economy that Works for our Families and Everyone

Too many families are being left behind in the economic recovery right now, and reinvesting in education is only part of the solution. We need to create a skilled labor force to attract good paying jobs to our district. Supporting the university system, community colleges and trade schools is critical for that.

+ Ensuring Fair and Equal Treatment regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation

Everyone deserves to be treated equally. No one should be denied freedoms, rights or privileges on the basis of gender, race, or sexual orientation. That’s I support the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, and oppose restrictive voter laws that target African American, or any other group of, voters.

Other Key Priorities:

+ Early Childhood Education – Expanded Access & Investment

Since 2011, Smart Start and Pre-K have been cut by over $40 million.  I will fight to change that as dollars spent on early childhood development is an investment in our future workforce and a wise investment.  We need to increase the funding going to to make our Pre-K available to all children and to expand access to early literacy programs through Smart Start.  North Carolina has one of the highest-quality Pre-K programs in the nation but we have a waiting list of over 30,000 children. We need to ensure our next generation the opportunity to participate in our early education program.  This is crucial if we hope to break the hold of generational poverty we see in so many communities in our state.

+ Veterans, Active Duty Military & Their Families

As a veteran,  I understand that we owe these veterans, servicemembers and their families a debt of gratitude for sacrificing to protect our safety.  We must focus on our efforts for this special group on job creation, workforce enrichment, health and wellness, legal and financial services and benefits for veterans servicemembers and their families.  We must also remain vigilant to ensure we continue to reduce the homeless veteran population.

+ Mental Health Access & Resources

Mental health and substance use disorders are among the top conditions for disability as well as cost to families, employers, and state health systems.  We must start with strengthening North Carolina’s public mental health and substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery services.  Mental health is a critical part of healthcare and we should expand Medicaid to increase access for patients and resources.

+ Family Supporting Wages (Living Wage)

We need to actively recruit jobs that pay a family supported wage.  We must invest in creating a skilled workforce to attract these types of jobs and more.  We should raise the minimum wage because increasing the minimum wage can pull parents with children above the federal poverty guidelines and even help close the gender pay gap.

+ Small Business Growth Through Innovation

Innovation will fuel our small business growth. We have the talent and capabilities.  We can train and attract the next generation of experts and create a workforce pipeline.  Growth begins with our high school STEM programs and carries over to our university and community college emerging technologies programs. A talent pipeline also flows from Fort Bragg’s Career Resource Center with thousands of highly skilled veterans.

+ Gun Violence Reduction

90% of all Americans support universal background checks. We need to start taking action where everyone agrees what the right step is.

+ Equal Pay for Equal Work – Women & Latino

Everyone should be paid equally for equal work. I would support legislation to protect the right of marginalized groups like women and latinos to get the same dollar that their counterparts earn.

+ Broadband Access In Low Income Counties

Internet is the new way of business and education. We need to expand broadband in low income and rural communities to support students and small businesses.

+ Independent Redistricting Process – Eliminating Gerrymandered Districts

In 2010 Raleigh Republicans fixed the lines so they could pick their voters, not the other way around. I support an Independent Redistricting Process because Gerrymandering is wrong no matter who does it.

+ Ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)

North Carolina could be the final state needed to ratify to Equal Rights Amendment. I would vote for ratification because we need to have equality to have a fair and just society.