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Who is Kirk?

+ Father & Husband
+ Veteran (Served in the Army for 10 years)
+ Small Business Owner
+ Your Current 2-Term Senator
+ Former Fayetteville City Council Member
+ Former Fayetteville State University Trustee

What Kirk is Fighting For?

+ Expanding Medicaid to Provide Access to Affordable Healthcare
+ Reinvesting in our Local Schools, Teachers, and All School Employees
+ Protecting our Drinking Water and Waterways from Poisons like GenX
+ Being a Champion for Veterans, Active Duty Military & Their Families
+ Ensuring our Economy and Families are Stronger after COVID-19
+ Putting People Over Politics to Find Common Solutions
+ Common Sense Justice Reform
+ Equality and Fairness for Everyone

What Kirk Delivered?

+ Increased pay by 5% for Teachers, State Employers, University and Community College Faculty

+ Increased Non-Certified School Personnel to $15/Hr and Provided Retirees a 5% Bonus

+ Eliminated State Income Tax on Military Retirement/Pension

+ Expanded Medicaid For Pregnant Women And Families While Fighting for Full Expansion

+ Lowered Tuition Rate to $500 for Students at Fayetteville State University

+ Reduced the Personal Income Tax Rate and Increased Child Tax Deduction

+ Primary Sponsor of COVID-19 relief bill that provided millions of dollars to people and small business

+ Monumental Clean Energy Legislation (model for the nation) that creates a Path of Sustainability for NC

+ Secured $412 Million Dollars for Cumberland County in the Bipartisan State Budget

  • $163M of capital investment in Fayetteville State University – largest in history
  • $5M in African American historic building updates including Orange Street School & EE Smith House
  • $2.5M for the MLK Memorial Park to the Fayetteville/Cumberland County Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Committee 
  • $2M for updates to Mable C. Smith Park and Christina S Smith Park
  • $2M to City of Fayetteville and County to address Homelessness
  • $1M to City of Fayetteville to increase Affordable Housing 
  • $750K for community health centers along Murchison road to increase health care access
  • $675K for substance abuse assistance to uninsured in minority communities
  • $150K to the Umoja Group for the Umoja Wall
  • $3.25M to expand minority business with capital and training

+ Justice Reform that Improved Policing and Criminal Justice including:

  • Citizen Review Boards for local governments that was supported by justice reform advocates and law enforcement organizations (Filed Legislation)
  • Requirement for “Duty to Intervene” for a law enforcement officer (Made Into Law)
  • Access to body camera footage for the family of a victim. (Made Into Law)
  • Provided “Second Chances” Through Expanded Expungement Laws (Made Into Law) 

+ Increased State Funding to Protect our Water and People From Gen-X

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